KYOKUGEN Limited Quantity

English name: ULTRA

To create the most superior sake in the highest sake classification Junmai Daiginjo,with a quality the world has never seen before: rice polished in-house down to 8%, and that has all of aroma, subtlety, fullness, and beautiful afterglow. This desire from 6th Generation Brewer, Jumpei Sato, made "TATENOKAWA KYOKUGEN"(TATENOKAWA Ultra) with all the technologies of TATENOKAWA,INC as it established in 1832 and the whole brewers's enthusiasms. You will have a new sense of possibility of sake as the difference from ordinary Daiginjo or Junmai Daiginjo, and enjoy experience of this ultimate sake.

18 Limited Quantity

English name: EIGHTEEN

A Junmai Daiginjo that with its rice-polishing ratio is the pinnacle of sake. Made with rice that has been polished down to 18%, it takes extravagance to the extreme. Additionally, we bottled only the best part of the sake pressing nakadori (middle- cut) to give it a fragrant and clean flavour. It takes pride of place in the "TATENOKAWA" line-up as the jewel in the crown of sake.

ICHIDA NYUKON Limited Quantity

English name: HEART & SOUL IN ONE DROP

A Junmai Daiginjo made with only the bottom part of the mash: Seme, with rice polished down to 18%. The seme part of a sake pressing is not normally used on its own, but in the case of this sake, the result is a soft and elegant savoury flavour. Despite such an extravagant rice polishing ratio, by using the Seme (bottom-cut) of the sake we are able to offer it at a much more affordable price.

JOURYU Limited Quantity

English name: UPPER STREAM

A part of the Ryu (stream) series, is named after its high quality and high specifications. Made with 40% polished Yamada Nishiki sake rice and only the best part of the sake pressing nakadori (middle cut). A sake with a stable balance of flavour and aroma, a nose of ripened fruits, and a high quality Japanese candy like elegance, topped off with a clean finish.

Entered into the upper-tier of the 2014 'SAKE COMPETITION'. Learn more here

Awarded gold in the Junmai Daiginjo section of the 2015 'Sake That Tastes Good in a Wine Glass' awards.
Learn more here

Awarded a silver medal in the Junmai Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo category at the 2015 IWC (International Wine Challenge).
Learn more here

33 Limited Quantity

English name: 3 PEAKS

33 is made with Dewasansan rice grown by our very own rice research institute that has been polished in house to 33% to extract all its potential. With a gentle yet rich aroma of ripened fruits, the essence of every single flavour umami, dry, sweet and sour, spreads out leaving behind a lovely aftertaste.

SEME (NAMA) Seasonal Limited Quantity


(Normally ships from March onwards)

Bottom-cut is the name given to the last part of a pressing of a batch of sake. It normally contains too many off-flavours to be used on its own. However, in this case of this Junmai Daiginjo, made with Yamada Nishiki sake rice polished to 40%, the off-flavours are outnumbered by depth of flavour. In order to make the most of this unique flavour we decided not to pasteurise the sake.
Additionally, compared to the nakadori (middle-cut) of the same batch of sake, the price is almost 2 thirds cheaper making it an excellent cost performer.